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S-E-X! Yes! Sex for Dinner.
I haven't posted anything on my LJ in a REALLY long time, at least nothing important, so I think a general 'what all happened in 2013' is necessary.

Well, to start with, in May I got an AA in English!!!! This may not seem like a lot but I'm the first person in my family to ever get a college degree so it's HUGE! I'm still in school, trucking along to more knowledge, so that's great too.

Sadly, in June my grandfather died. It was all just horrible in general so I didn't really want to talk about it on LJ. I mentioned it on twitter and facebook, but it wasn't something I really talked about. On March 1st he got admitted to the local hospital after fainting and they found he had a urinary tract infection. However, they also discovered that his heart had some blockages and the tumor on his pituitary gland had returned (He had it removed in the 70s). The tumor wasn't a big deal really, because it was just a thing that was there, probably not a problem. His heart, however, was an issue. Well, they transferred him to The Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon and about 2 weeks later (he had some blood pressure drops and spikes since he was 77 and a diabetic and in the hospital about to have surgery so they had to wait) he had open heart surgery and a quadruple bypass. A routine surgery that went well, he was totally fine afterwards, no big deal. Then the day they were going to release him to go home, they came in and he wouldn't wake up. Without them knowing, he'd developed an infection. However, they never could FIND the infection. He was in a coma for almost a week and they never found WHAT was infected, they never found what KIND of infection, they just pumped him full of antibiotics and it helped. However, when he woke up, it was clear he'd suffered some brain damage. Nothing serious, he just kind of behaved like someone who had a minor stroke would. He was able to talk and use both sides of his body, but you could tell he wasn't 'all him'. He forgot stuff and would forget when the last time he saw someone was, and he'd think he was told things that he wasn't. It was really bad. Well, he'd get better, then get worse, then get sick again, then get better, then get sick, and it kept on and on until the end of May they sent him home to the hospital here. He was there for a week before he was sent to a nursing home. He was only in the nursing home for a week before they realized the tumor was why he wasn't getting better (something about his adrenal gland wasn't producing correctly) and when they did another check-up of his heart, they realize that being bedridden for three months had basically undid any good the surgery did. He ended up passing away at the nursing home a week later.

So yeah, it was bad. I mean, so bad that we were all really totally okay that he died. You know it was bad when I woke up to the phone ringing and when my dad said "Pa died" I was actually relieved. Without fail, it cemented my desire to absolutely never end up suffering for months like that. If I'm ever in a situation like he was in, I want to sign a DNR. I really do. He did but only after he woke up from the coma with brain damage. He was on full life support for the first few days in the coma because he hadn't signed a DNR and he DID wake up, but still. I never want that. Never. Not for myself. Everybody can pick their own way, but watching him suffer for OVER 100 days was just... no. Not me if I can help it. Nana dying 2 years ago was hard, you mostly all remember that, but I'd much rather it be less than a week from 'admitted to hospital' to 'died'.

So, apart from the 'now none of us have grandparents' thing (Nana and Pa were the only grandparents my siblings or my cousin had. I do worry about my sister being almost 10 and having no grandparents because they still do grandparents day in elementary school and she's only in 4th grade), 2013 has been AMAZING!

Getting the sad out of the way, like I mentioned, DEGREE! Also in June, pre-sadness, I SAW FALL OUT BOY! I know I posted a post about that (didn't I?) but AHHHHH! FALL OUT BOY! The concert was amazing! The venue was amazing, the show was amazing, the OPENER was amazing, and then afterwards I got to take a picture with Patrick Stump! SQUEE! I'm sure I've shared it but for reference:


Then the rest of my summer was spent planning for... DRAGON*CON!!!

Okay I'll be honest. Dragon*Con was way more of an undertaking than ANY of us planned on. Like... I would recommend Dragon*Con, sure, but I'm not doing it again. Not anytime soon at least. It was AMAZING fun, the cosplays were the best part (besides finally getting to meet one of my longtime internet friends in real life!), but dude... there is nothing to describe how exhausting and painful of an experience this was. I cannot find words. Okay, any of you do theatre? You know how bad Hell Week is? FUCK HELL WEEK! Okay, we were people who (between us, not all of us) do theatre, are college kids, work a 'standing for 7 hours straight' jobs, and one who works at an AMUSEMENT PARK running RIDES all day. We are not wimps by any means! And JESUS CHRIST it killed us. It killed us dead. We were like... murdered by Dragon*Con.

The first thing that went wrong: We thought 'oh, we'll stay up and only sleep about three hours the first night, we're college kids, we're good at this!' since we got to Atlanta thursday and DragonCon started Friday... BIG mistake! Second mistake: We should've pre-registered Thursday night! First thing Friday morning what did we do? Stood in line for TWO HOURS circling around the Sheraton to get registered. Let me tell you this, dudes. Standing is WAY more exhausting than walking. Standing in lines is like foot and ankle kryptonite. Working at an amusement park or at a Starbucks, you are on your feet for 7 hours, but you walk around while doing it. Standing? NOT GOOD! So first thing in the morning, we were already suffering sore feet. Terrible start. Well, basically the entire fucking weekend is standing in lines. It's lines and crowds. We were prepared for CROWDS but dude... there is CROWDS and then there is 'having to wait in a line for 10 minutes to use the stairs since the escalator lines are 20 minutes long'.

Never have I seen a HOTEL full of people so packed in that it's like being in the pit at a concert, only you're all moving trying to get somewhere at a shuffle. It was oppressive and horrible. I heard rumors that the problem is the projected attendance was about 60k this year and the turnout was like somewhere around 80k-100k (no official numbers, just rumors), so I get it, but GOD. It was horrific. I'm not a claustrophobic person but being trapped in a giant mass of bodies like being at the barrier of a concert was just... not cool. Not at all. And it was basically that way EVERYWHERE.

For example this is a LIGHTLY crowded pic of the Atrium/Lobby levels of the Marriot Marquis:
sea of geek

I'll post a full post on Dragon*Con when I eventually get around to editing together my documentary I filmed (aka, shaky shitty handheld cam vids edited together to show the story, lmao) and the rest of the pics uploaded.

But yeah, it got to the point that on Sunday and Monday (the last 2 days)we skipped the night parties and we said 'fuck it' to panels we wanted to go to that started before noon and slept from like 2-11 just because we were SO tired and in SO MUCH pain. I took more pain pills that weekend (I should've bought stock in the OTC acetaminophen/ibuprofen companies)it was crazy.

So yeah, next year our plans are NYCC since Amber and Angela are FROM NY and they've been to NYCC and it's better organized so that crowding isn't an issue, even though there are WAY more people to attend. ALSO! ATLANTA IS AN EXPENSIVE ASS CITY! Even the two from NYC were all "oh. My. God!" at the price of just stuff. I SAW A FUCKING $4.75 BOTTLE OF WATER! WATER! I've seen water that much at CONCERTS because they jack up the prices, but DUDE! This was in a DRUG STORE! Holy shit, we had burgers and potato chips for lunch at this one place and our bill for 3 people was $60! And PARKING! We spent about $40 a day in parking alone!

Anyhow, that's the 'things so far'! Some great movies have come out this year, I'm taking the BEST class this semester now that I've started taking junior level english classes for my bachelors degree (omfg Special Topics in the American Gothic, HOW COOL IS THAT?!) and I'm doing WELL in Spanish for once (I made my first A on a test in the history of my courses for my Spanish degree!!!) and right now, things are going GREAT! Amber and I were worried it would be weird to be together in person after years online, but we actually got along SO WELL and it was SO NATURAL that we miss each other all of the time now, lmao. SO we've planned two trips next year! She's bringing Angela down here again and we're going to Savannah for her birthday in June and then in October I'm going up there to them for NYCC.

Sooo yeah! That's my 2013 so far. HOPEFULLY it only gets better because tons of good movies came out and still are going to come out in 2013 and SO MANY TV SHOWS!


Yes, tv shows! Okay so this fall, starting in the first week of October (full week), I'm going to have SEVEN SHOWS A WEEK to watch! I usually have like 3! Already started are an old favorite, Top Gear USA, and A NEW FAVORITE, SLEEPY HOLLOW!

DID YOU GUYS WATCH SLEEPY HOLLOW?! OH MY GOD IT'S SO GOOD! Wow, so excited for Monday nights now!

My week once all the shows get going is going to look like Sleepy Hollow on Mondays, Agents of SHIELD and Supernatural on Tuesdays (And TGUSA but I'll have to DVR it cause the others have to be seen live!), Arrow and Ghost Hunters on Wednesdays, and Elementary on Thursdays!

Speaking of Arrow! Okay so last year when it came on, it looked really lame in the commercials, right? Well Amber started watching it because of John Barrowman and she went 'WOW YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!" and I did and HOLY SHIT! Dude! THAT SHOW IS AMAZING! The marketing department failed at life last year, because I'm more excited for Arrow to come back than Supernatural! That is how good it is and how HORRIBLE the cliffhanger was! ASLDKFjk;alfj;lds TOMMY! ARE YOU ALIVE TOMMY?! AHHHHHH!

Also, it ends next week on BBCA but have any of you watched Broadchurch? WOW this show is GOOD! I'm watching it on BBCA because I almost like the psycho anticipation you get at the end of each week, but GOD! This show is the BEST crime/mystery show I've EVER watched. Every time you think you're gonna get an answer, you just get 50 new questions. SOOOOOO GOOOD! I'm dying to know who did it (NOBODY TELL ME! NO SPOILERS!)

And in closing, have the BEST cosplay EVER that I saw at Dragon*Con! Holy shit this dude looks JUST LIKE RDJ doesn't he?!
cosplay looks like RDJ Tony Stark

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Thoughts on tonight’s Teen Wolf:


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I know I haven't gone over anything that has happened lately and a lot has and I haven't updated you guys in a while, but THAT CAN WAIT BECAUSE ABBY WAMBACH HAS BEEN MY FAVORITE SOCCER PLAYER SINCE I STARTED WATCHING WOMENS SOCCER AND SHE IS A LEGEND!

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Omfg Fall Out Boy were AMAZING live. It's insane how good they were. I shot a few vids but I didnt want to not dance (My friend wanted vids, I mostly wanted the experience, lol) so while the audio is perfect, the video is not even really visible, just tons of shakey jumping, so I'll probably strip the audio and make MP3s to post later on.

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Apart from my MASSIVELY HUGE and SUPER GROSS thighs (omfg the cellulite, it's so bad, this is why I never show above my knee) I'm REALLY liking how I look in my new swimsuit!

I may be fat, but thank GOD I'm mostly boobs and ass (and thighs, but we'll ignore that) lol!

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Most of you (probably) know that I've been frantically trying to find someone to come with me to see Fall Out Boy because my parents wouldn't let me go alone, right?

WELL in the end, since my sister is the only one who WANTS to go with me and she's only 12 so my parents SURE AS HELL weren't going to let us go alone, my whole family decided to do a like... mini-vacation. The kids have never been to Atlanta, Dallas doesn't even remember the ONE time they've stayed in a hotel before, and my parents decided 'fuck it, we'll all go!' so we're going Sunday, eating lunch, going to the World of Coca Cola (I LOVED that place as a kid), then Graysie and I are going to the concert while the others go shopping and out to eat or something (probably swim in the pool at the, honestly) and then go home the next day.

HERE'S THE SUPER AWESOME BIT! (well no all of its but whatever) THE HOTEL IS ONE OF THE DRAGON*CON HOTELS! I can get a feel for the downtown area while we're there! The Hyatt Regency is only 3 blocks from the World of Coca Cola and only like 5 blocks from The Tabernacle (concert venue) and I'm gonna try to talk my parents into letting us walk (if my dad has to walk WITH us to the Tabernacle then walk back to get us, so be it, I wanna get a feel for the walking situation since we're going to walk exclusively for Dragon*Con after we park the car) but I'm kinda doubtful. Like I said, they didn't want us to go to Atlanta alone (I'm 22 and she's 12), I HIGHLY doubt they'd let us walk around downtown Atlanta at night alone, lol.

NOT that I blame them. I wouldn't want to walk around alone. With my sister I'm not so worried (she's 12 but she's also like 5'8" and big, way less likely someone will try to mug the two tall, large girls, lol) but there's no way in hell I'd walk around by myself at night there. That's just ASKING to get held up and your stuff stolen. (Unless you're my deranged friend Amber who thinks I'm a pussy for not wanting to walk alone at night in a city since she's jaded from a lifetime of living in NYC)


(If you didn't figure it out, we don't get to travel in my family, lol. Traveling when there are 3 adults and 3 kids is not cheap PLUS my dad literally never takes days off work. He works 7 days a week, EVERY week of the year. He works half-days on CHRISTMAS that's how rare this is for him!)

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I can't eve-
I don't-
I cant
Doctor who just-
suicide itcrowd
*curls up in a ball*

"Goodbye, Sweetie"


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So, on AO3 I think the best idea ever is to have a dropdown in the 'choose additional tags' list that's for 'excluding *insert tag here*'

Cause I'm SICK of certain of my fic fandoms having alpha/omega fics EVERY OTHER FIC POSTED GODDAMIT! I really also hate certain super popular pairings. I'm tired of searching the pairings I like in Avengers/MCU fics and finding them as either background to Steve/Tony or with Steve/Tony in the background. I HATE Steve/Tony. It's the most illogical pairing. I don't see ANY grounds for it. I don't LIKE it. I don't READ it. I hate it even being in the background because it makes me turn my nose up at the fic that I might otherwise like. It would be great to just be able to blacklist that pairing so that I don't have to fish through the 500 Stony fics to find the ones I DO want to read that are tagged under my pairing tag.

Also, in certain fandoms, incest is common and I REALLY FUCKING DO NOT WANT TO READ INCEST FICS EVER I DONT EVEN WANT TO READ THE SUMMARIES THAT IS LIKE MY #1 SQUICK OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!?!?! sdkjafjskdf;asldfjkldsf so yeah, permanently blacktagging incest would be GREAT!

So yeah... anybody involved with AO3 planning, I know it's gonna be a while before an upgrade, but a blacklist option? Totally something for the 'considerations' list!

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Okay the corset MIGHT be a little small. It's not THAT small, it fits, but the back is nearly completely open. *cringe* And I need a longer lace (I'm probably going to get 2 so I can tighten from top and bottom, not just the top like it came) because I can't get the top holes and because of this, it's loose at the top. Standing that isn't so bad but sitting my boobs basically come OUT of it. And if I raise my arms, you see my nipples, lmao! Have to fix that! Thinking about putting some of the gold material I want for the fin (thinking tule) on the inside of the top so that it covers my boobs. Ah the joys (sarcasm) of big boobs.

The BIGGEST problem is that I can't get it on by myself. The hooks in the front are IMPOSSIBLE! Basically, when you do one, the next one comes undone. I had to loosen it so that I could slide it on over my head and then have my sister re-do the ties in the back since I couldn't pull them myself. I'm going to have to get a friend to help me get dressed in it *sigh*. BUT hey, for a $30 corset, it's pretty great realistically.

Anywho, PHOTOS!
Picture 7
I can already see the gears and piping in my head SQUEEE! Not a fan of the bow, though. It may be taken off.
Picture 8
See, standing the whole 'not tight enough at the top cause I missed a hole' isn't bad, but then....
Picture 9
But then when I sit down.... ATTACK OF THE BOOBS! I need a longer lace to get to the top holes.

Lmao it's actually super comfortable. After I took it off, my boobs felt super heavy again. It helps SO MUCH to take the weight of them off my back. It isn't that tight (in fact, when I stand tall and suck in, the laces in the back are loose) and it's plastic boning, not metal like you wear to make your waist smaller, so it's moveable and comfortable. Definitely like! I just need to fix the 'boobs showing' part. I may buy a gold tubetop to wear under it if I have to, or I may just line the inside of the top with the same fabric as my tail, not sure. We'll see! IM EXCITED THOUGH!

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I GOT THE CORSET FOR MY STEAMPUNK MERMAID COSTUME! Now I just has to manufacture the rest of the things. I have an idea for the skirt but no idea how I'll pull this off since I don't have a sewing machine and buying a skirt won't be cheap. I'm thinking for the shoes, instead of buying to go with it, or wearing heels like I'd like to (too much walking for heels), I've got this pair of black low-heeled pumps I might paint with gold glitter paint. My idea for the skirt is a fishtail cut (so it's mermaidy) with gold tule coming out of the bottom (to look like the fin)! Also, a gears in a pattern over where the 'shells' would go on the mermaid costume and gold piping going down the bones of the corset.

So yeah, not STRICTLY 'mermaid!' but not the usual victorian steampunk either. I like this idea. Also, it'll be so expensive it'll be the ONLY cosplay I'm doing (I got lucky with the corset, they had a plus-size corset clearance and it was only $30!) because I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY!

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