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S-E-X! Yes! Sex for Dinner.

I'm dying. Dead. Kill me. AHHHH THE FOR REAL TRAILER IN HD AHHHHHHH *dying whale noises*

You guys. You guys. Really. Really now. Iron Man 3 SO SOON and this SO FAR!


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I saw this done by someone else so I thought 'why the hell not?!'

Top ten by hits:

1 The Third Holmes (8397)
2 Next To Normal (5259)
3 We're All A Little Mad (4020)
4 Learning Curve (3870)
5 Fire Against Ice (3368)
6 Secrets Revealed (3254)
7 Tattoos (2692)
8 Lies That Bind Us (2501)
9 Refuge (2467)
10 Call It Strange (2093) (admittedly, 2 chapters not one like all the rest)

Top ten by kudos:

1 The Third Holmes 353
2 Next To Normal 289
3 We're All A Little Mad 170
4 Impossible 144
5 Tattoos 141
6 Learning Curve 136
7 Lies That Bind Us 120
8 Secrets Revealed 92
9 Caging The Beast 90
10 Home 85

Top ten by comment threads:

1 Next To Normal 31
2 The Third Holmes 25
3 Impossible 23
4 Just When You Thought You'd Seen It All 11
5 We're All A Little Mad 11
6 The Summer of '64 11
7 Our Time Is Now 11
8 And The Cogs Fall Into Place 9
9 Lies That Bind Us 8
10 The 8:55 To Chicago 8

Top five by word count:

1 Call It Strange 130,426
2 Growing Up 59,093
3 My Destination 52,605
4 Something Deeper 51,963
5 The Summer of '64 43,120

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One thing that I've seen said a lot (and REALLY agree with) is that Save Rock and Roll is an amazing album. Emphasis on ALBUM!

Save Rock and Roll is one of those albums that fits so well. I'm a big stickler for an album to be not a collection of songs, but to flow and work in the order the songs come in. Sure, after a while I put all the songs on my itunes on shuffle and rarely two play by the same artist back to back, but when it comes to first having an album, I listen to it from track 1 to the last track in order without skipping a good 20 times because albums are MEANT to be listened to like that.

In a good album, even the songs you don't love fit perfectly in the space they're in. They still work with the flow of song to song. It works with the mood shifts and the transformation through songs. And Save Rock and Roll really does that.

SO my question to YOU all is:

If you had to pick an album (or a few if you just CANT pick one), from any time in history, that you think is the best album, what would your choice be?

Anybody that really knows me knows mine! Artwork by The Used. It is my gold standard for albums. It was MINDBLOWING! From the opening 30 foot plunge feet first into chaos that is Blood On My Hands all the way through each and every song until the POSITIVELY EARGASMIC 'epic' song that is Men Are All The Same (If you don't know it, it's one of those songs that just feels SO intense and extreme it makes you feel like it should be the climactic moment in some insane action film where the hero is beating the fuck out of EVERYBODY. It's just indescribably good), every single song in that album transitions absolutely flawlessly and is positioned in the lineup as precisely as the circuits in a motherboard. With the exception of TRUE pop music, every album I listen to is basically judged on a scale of 'one to Artwork'.

SO what is your 'best album(s)'? Tell me! Either reblog with your answer or drop me a message! I'm seriously interested in hearing your responses.

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To start, let me just get it out of the way: FALL OUT BOY IS BAAAAACKKKKKK! *flails* Woooooooo!

Okay, I've been waiting for that moment for SO LONG. You don't even understand my excitement at laying hands on my preorder package and knowing there was a brand new Fall Out Boy album inside it. It's been more than four years since the last time I opened a Fall Out Boy CD and I honestly never thought I would again. Fall Out Boy has been a part of my life since 2003. Ten of the most formative years of a person's life have all been under the influence of this band, that's how important they are to me. The morning they announced a new album and a comback all in one, I went to school floating on a cloud (Statistics at 11am was actually NOT bad for once) because FALL OUT BOY WAS BACK! Since then I have listened to the whole album on SoundCloud, but you all know (or maybe you dont?) my album review method:

1. Listen without any lyric booklet or anything
2. Listen while reading words
3. Listen while writing review

I admit I did number 1 about 6 times already, but now I am finally ready to do my song by song review! If you are new to my album reviews, I do one for every album I buy (or albums someone requests) and... well basically that means 2 a year, lol. My bands don't put out a lot of music. SO this is the first of 2013!

Let's begin!

1. The Phoenix: Right from the start, this song's catchy phrase, "Put on your war paint!" draws you in and gets you going! You feel the hard, driving beat and you know you're in for a HELL of a ride! This song is the perfect first song because it tells you, "Buckle up, motherfuckers!" and then you're off through classic Fall Out Boy lyrics (cross walks and crossed hearts and hopes-to-dies) and you KNOW by the end of the song that YES! Fall Out Boy is BACK... with a vengeance!
2. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up): Rightfully chosen as the first single (It's one of the catchiest songs on the album that isn't mellow), My Songs is dark, driving, and has one of the simplest Fall Out Boy choruses ever but it WORKS! The bass drives this song. It may be simple, but it's always there. It's this thunderous rumbling that you feel with your entire body. The soaring vocals, intense drums, and contrasting guitar is all held together by this driving bassline that you feel from your head to your toes. Great song!
3. Alone Together: To have an album that sounds so different than 'classic Fall Out Boy' this song is a textbook example of a Fall Out Boy song. It's got an upbeat, peppy beat with somewhat-bright music. However, the lyrics are deceptively kind of sad ("My heart is like a stallion/ they love it more when it's broke in"). This is the formula for SO MANY Fall Out Boy songs. I'll be honest, it gets kind of repetitive after a while, but it's a great transition song from two angry/driven songs into one with a lighter feel.
4. Where Did The Party Go: This song isn't as good as the first three, I'll admit. However, it gives a pretty nice selection of Patrick's vocals (from the highs in the chorus to the delightfully low, "And your naked magic Oh dear Lord".) It's catchy almost to distraction, but you can't help but want to dance. It's definitely a toe-tapper, that's for sure.
5. Just One Yesterday: I absolutely adore Patrick's soulful voice! To be such a small man, he has so much 'large church lady' in him. This song also features a pretty great, driving beat. It's just not as overwhelming as the first couple of songs. Also, this song features Foxes, who I had never heard of before. This woman's voice is bbeautiful andit mixes SO PERFECTLY with Patrick's in this song. I absolutely love her bridge and backing vocals. This is a good, solid mid-album song.
6. The Mighty Fall: I'll admit, the first time I heard this song, while I LOVED the music, I wasn't a fan of the vocals having that rough texturing. It fits the song but I just wasn't a fan. However, after several listens, I kind of like it I think. I LOVE the chorus. This is angry. No two ways about it, it's bitter, angry, and spiteful. The drums throb in your chest and you cannot not not your head. I'll be honest, I like the IDEA of a rap part. I really wish I liked it because it fits this song so perfectly. However, this person (the booklet tells me it's someone called Big Sean) just doesn't follow the beat well and I just don't feel it adds to the song at all. I wish there was a better rap put in and then it would be an AMAZING song.
7. Miss Missing You: Automatically, you can't not notice the synth giving the song an 80s feel. This is another song that gets a little repetitive, but it's so catchy you can't dislike that repetitiveness as much as you probably want to. It has a good feel. The lyrics are about moving on and the music really fits that. It is a good song to come after The Mighty Fall, I think. However, I'm not sure it fits as well leading into the next song.
8. Death Valley: Right off the bat, this song screams 'Rock song'. The guitar has a very Jack White feel and, as a Jack White fan, I really dig it. Patrick's vocals are FUCKING AMAZING in this song. Then the unexpected semi-dubstep moment is actually not annoying like it could be and REALLY gives to the song. This is easily one of my very favorite songs Fall Out Boy has ever done.
9. Young Volcanoes: I don't really get this song. The beat is very 'Sunny California' and the vocals and music go well together, but there's just something that doesn't feel right. It's not a BAD song by any means. The only thing I really DISLIKE is how much "We will teach you how to make boys next door out of assholes" really DOES NOT fit the song. At all. It sticks out like a sore thumb. The song on the whole is alright. However, shockingly, it's placement in the album is pretty much great. Putting this between Death Valley and the next song works out pretty well. Not a fan of the song but a big fan of the song placement.
10.Rat A Tat: Absolutely hate the Courtney Love intro. Just hate it. HOWEVER, once you get past that beginning, the other parts she has aren't so bad. The song itself is REALLY good. The beat, the bassline, the vocals, the lyrics, every single note of the music is AMAZING! I wish the intro was gone and this would be basically a perfect song. But in the end, it's REALLY good.
11.Save Rock and Roll: This song. Just... From the first drums and clapping to the beautiful piano intro, this song is just- pardon the pun- music to my ears. The music is beautiful. Just plain beautiful. Every note is beautiful. The vocals are amazing, the song is incredible feeling and perfect to sing. And ELTON JOHN! Oh my GOD! Elton John and Patrick Stump were MADE to sing together. I've never heard Patrick sound better with anyone singing with him. Ever. This was the perfect song for Elton John to sing on as well because he just fits it so well. This is THE most amazing final song on an album since Men Are All The Same. This song made me tear up the first time I heard it. It's absolutely one of my top 5 favorite Fall Out Boy songs I've ever heard from them and that's saying A LOT. This song is the perfect ending to an INCREDIBLE comeback album!

When it's all said and done, this is a MAJOR album. Seriously amazing comeback.

On my scale of 1-10, I rate it:


I know that's a kind of random number at first glance, but this album isn't rated like my pop albums, this album is rated on a general 'one to Artwork' album. (Artwork by The Used was given my highest rating so far, a 9.9999) Comparitively, Folie a Deux had a 6.5, if you remember, so this is a BIG step up!

The ONLY reason it doesn't rate a 9 is there were several songs that had elements that took away from the song as a whole. This is a VERY good album.


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Title: The Summer of '64
Author: heartsdesire456
Rating: NC-17
POV: 3rd
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Summary: From the minute he was born, Life was never very easy for Tommy Joe Ratliff.

Born one rainy night in a train station bathroom to a drifter full of whiskey and empty of caring, abandoned to die in a pile of dirty rags by the train platform, from his very first breath Tommy Joe Ratliff was full of fight. After being found by a young black woman and her daughter when they arrived to pick up her husband returning from the war, Tommy’s fight stopped being for himself alone.

It was a heavy dose of that very same fight that brought Tommy to him the summer of ‘64. That summer the world changed, but for Tommy…

The biggest change ever came the day he met Adam Lambert.

Disclaimer: "-Fic.tion: [noun] something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story"
Author's Note:This fic is... something else. TO GET STARTED: Thanks HUGELY to I_glitterz (Tori) and blackandblue2 (Erin) for art and beta, respectively. NEITHER OF THEM owed me anything, they just voluntarily made my life amazing!

I got the most RANDOM idea one day. I was driving along, listening to my usual old-rock station, when an old bluesy rock song came on and FOR SOME REASON I had a mental picture of Tommy playing guitar in a smokey blues club. My mind raced- why was Tommy there? oooh where was 'there'?! OH an old timey blues club! OH Tommy's parents own it- TOMMY'S THE ADOPTED SON OF A BLACK FAMILY WHO OWN A BLUES CLUB!

By the time I got home, I had this idea buzzing around. I set to researching. I spent a good 8 hours researching and working out a plot. A mesmerizing 15 days later, this was done. It's been at the beta longer than I ever expected to be so I've been spamming the HELL out of my friends on twitter and livejournal with teasers. I got it from the beta this afternoon, I texted my friend Tori that it was back, she AUTOMATICALLY made me the AMAZING art you see here, and I did my final revisions when I got home tonight. I've reread it to be sure everything is how I want it and now...

It's here! I'm honestly more excited about posting this than any of you will be about reading it, lol

The Summer of '64
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Here are some of my convos with a friend about Psych tonight... it says it all:

"Prison's the best thing I ever did! I'm clean now, I'm sober, I'm jewish, circumsized and everything, I do pilates!"

- (me) "This man is dead" "Not surprised he only had one functioning valve in his heart" "Seriously, he's flatlined and died at least six times."
- (Friend) "he's the doctor???"

-omfg he has a saxophone as a weapon and his buddy has a paintgun

-"He's somewhere in this house kicking ass in a classic game of hide and seek"

-"Phase 4? What happened to the other 3 phases you cheap bastard?!"

-"If anybody is gonna be bound and deprived of oxygen, can we at least establish some clear safe words?" "How about no you freak" "Yeah thats too long, I was just thining 'NO!'"

-(Me0"Woud youe ver consider leaving police work and going on tour and sleeping with me my band and my crew? Professionally?"

-"Gather round people! Afterparty will be in my pants"

-omfg it's just like the movie and Shaun is Tim Currey's character
-also the dead body just blinked

... soo yeah, lol. I loved it!


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Screencaps cause it's easier than copy/pasting/formatting:

ScreenHunter_188 Mar. 24 20.26
ScreenHunter_189 Mar. 24 20.27
ScreenHunter_190 Mar. 24 20.27
ScreenHunter_191 Mar. 24 20.28
ScreenHunter_192 Mar. 24 20.29
ScreenHunter_193 Mar. 24 20.29

It feels like rebreaking a bone to suffer the hurt once more after the other night's pain had faded by morning light. However, also like rebreaking a bone, now I finally feel like things can heal correctly. This band was my favorite band for 10 of the most important years of a human's life (12-22) and I can honestly say My Chemical Romance helped me become the person I am. It hurts so bad but it was worth it in the end.

MCR is forever... because we're forever.

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So a person on the GFFA twitter made me realize I never transferred over The Nightmares Are Real to AO3 so I did! It's now up HERE too!

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they're gone... they're really gone... oh God you guys what the fuck WHAT THE FUCK?!
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The only word right now to describe my SUPER FREAK OUT OMFG is:


Omfg I bet captlebubbles is going to hate me on tumblr later. (Or maybe not, she's kinda invested in my ship even if she doesn't watch SPN) I SHALL REBLOG ALL OF THE THINGS!

lksadfjklasdfjl;asdkfjasdfkjasdfklasfd YOU DONTE VEN UNDERSTANDAASDFKLjas;ldfkas

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