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Call It Strange, part 14/18 - S-E-X! Yes! Sex for Dinner.
Call It Strange, part 14/18

Saying goodbye to Longineu was hard. Their last show with him was fun and they threw themselves into making it something he wouldn’t forget. After they show, watching him drive off in his car to the airport was hard to do without feeling a sense of change. They all liked Isaac and knew he would be fine, but it was still a change from what they all had grown used to.

However, watching Adam disappear with a short, pretty, blonde boy was harder than Tommy ever realized it would be. He couldn’t understand why, but in the past few weeks things had changed to a point that he felt somewhat betrayed. Nothing was different on paper but since their fight and subsequent making up, things had felt more like they had before tour. Tommy had spent the past few weeks feeling like he was the center of Adam’s world and it was his spot next to him in every situation. Since their reverting to keeping each other sane, Adam hadn’t gone off with any boys and had become more assertive of his presence next to Tommy in every way possible, be it holding his hand as they walked down the halls of the hotel, dancing with him at every club, or curling up with him every night the hung out on one of the buses.

Though they always had an excuse, Tommy liked to think that the kisses that lingered just too long to be friendly, the slightly more possessive than friendly touches, and the heated looks they had shared had all meant something.

Adam going to get them drinks and coming back with a blonde boy hanging off his arm stung Tommy worse than he wanted to admit. “Hey, I’m out, nobody bother me for a few hours unless it’s an emergency,” he said, smirking as he put down Tommy’s and Monte’s drinks then disappeared with the blonde boy in tow.

Monte chuckled. “Well then!” he said, and Neil made a disgusted noise.

“The whole ‘brothers don’t have sex’ thing is really hard to keep in my head when mine is advertising every time he gets laid,” he whined.

Tommy, however, just snagged the whiskey Monte was about to take and threw it back, then stood up quickly, grabbing his beer as he walked away without a word to anybody. Monte eyed him curiously, then looked at Neil, who just shrugged, clearly just as confused as Monte.

Cam sat down heavily, shaking her head as she saw Tommy heading straight for the bar. “Boys are so stupid,” she said, then glanced at the confused looks on Neil and Monte’s faces. “I rest my case,” she said simply, lifting her drink to them with a smile.
Tommy was nursing a hangover in his bunk when his mom called. He felt guilty talking to his mom while hung over, but he didn’t want to ignore her call either. “Hey mom,” he said softly, voice hoarse.

“Are you okay, honey? You don’t sound good!” she said.

Tommy groaned. “No, I’m fine,” he said. “Just didn’t get in until late, so you woke me up,” he said with a yawn. “But we’ll be getting to the hotel soon, so it’s not a big deal,” he said.

“Aww, be sure to get more rest, baby,” she said, then went about telling him about her day. Tommy lay there quietly, smiling and laughing a few times as his mom talked. He was glad to hear her voice after a few days without speaking. His mother’s voice always helped make him relax. After a while, however, she roused him from his daze. “Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked, and Tommy sighed. “You seem awfully quiet.”

Tommy planned on giving an automatic answer, but found himself instead uttering words he had scarcely allowed himself to even think. “I think I’m falling for Adam,” he said in a rush, only to slap a hand over his mouth as soon as the words were out. “Shit, forget I said that,” he said softly.

She chuckled. “How can I just forget an admission like that?” she asked, and he groaned. “You really think so?” she asked.

He thought for a moment before letting out a whine. “Yeah, I do… damn it,” he whined. “I don’t want this, dude,” he said weakly. “There’s too much at stake. I can’t deal with this pressure on top of touring and I can’t risk my relationship as his best friend.”

“Aww, baby nobody gets to pick when they fall in love and who it’s with. And I really don’t think you can fight love, Tommy. You can choose not to act on it, but if you really are falling for him, nothing will stop it from happening.”

Tommy groaned. “I don’t… I don’t want to talk about this…or face it for that matter.” He bit his lip, feeling a twinge of pain. “Dad was sure I was in love with Adam and just didn’t want to tell you guys,” he said softly. “Maybe I have been slowly falling all this time and it’s just now hit me. I just… I can’t risk losing him over this.”

“Whatever you think is necessary, baby,” Dia said, then changed the subject to give Tommy an out, since he didn’t want to talk about his love life with his mother.
“Adam, really, you guys go-“

“Tommy, come on!” Taylor said brightly. “We’re going to have so much fun!” he said, and Tommy whined.

“But I don’t want to go to the beach!”

Adam smiled, catching his hand. “Hey, you can wear however much you want, okay?” he said softly. “Please come?” he asked, and Tommy sighed.

“Alright, for you,” he said, looking up at him. “Only for you.”

Adam smiled and tugged Tommy into a small hug. “Aww, alright, baby,” he said, kissing the top of his head. “You’re so sweet,” he said, and Tommy huffed.

“I’m putting on fucking layers,” he threatened, and glared when everybody rolled their eyes.
When Tommy got to the beach, he blushed under Brooke and Sasha’s teasing. “Stop,” he whined, pouting as he sat down beside Adam. “Besides, you’re teasing me?!” he asked, nodding at Adam pointedly.

Adam rolled his eyes. “I’m incognito,” he said with a smirk. “Nobody suspects Adam Lambert to be dressed like someone’s embarrassing grandpa,” he said.

Sasha snorted. “Too late for that, there’s a dude with a camera already over there,” she said, and Adam whined. “He was outside the hotel, so he probably followed us,” she explained.

Tommy shot Adam a smirk. “Man, the boys will be just lining up after they get a look at your outfit, Adam,” he said, fluttering his eyelashes teasingly.

“Tommy, lets moon him,” Brooke said, tugging him beside her. He snickered like a three year old as they both flashed their asses to the camera guy. “And that’s why I love you best,’ she said, kissing his cheek as he stood up again.

Adam snorted at them but spoke up. “I make a sexy grandpa,” he said, and Tommy rolled his eyes. “What? I wasn’t dressed much different in Mexico!” he said as he sat down beside Taylor.

Tommy chuckled. “You were in cargo shorts most of the time. That might actually be worse,” he said, sitting on the towel beside Adam. “You and beach clothes suck,” he said.

Adam shot him a smirk. “Still got me in your pants didn’t it?” he asked in a low voice, and Tommy’s eyes widened.

ADAM!” he hissed, glancing up at the others to make sure they didn’t hear, only to pale when he saw Brooke eyeing them in surprise. “Fuck,” he said, and Adam followed his gaze, blushing slightly.

“Shit, I- Brooke can you not-“

“Ever, ever, ever, EVER tell anybody?!?” Tommy finished in a rush. “Please? Please please?” he all but begged.

Adam scoffed. “Nothing nobody suspects anyways, Tommy. Relax-“

“ADAM SHUT UP!” Tommy cried loudly, standing up to storm away, walking down the beach towards the water.

Adam groaned. He turned to Brooke, who was eying him with a rather unimpressed look. “Look, it’s not-“

“I don’t care what it is or isn’t,” she said softly, despite everybody’s eyes on them now. “Watch where you say shit if you don’t want other people to hear,” she said pointedly.

Adam cringed. “Fuck,” he said, and she looked down the beach at Tommy, who had dove into the water. Adam followed her eyes and cringed. “I really hope none of those waves drag him out. He panics when he doesn’t know where the bottom is,” he said softly.

She snorted. “You are both insane, Adam.”

Taylor frowned. “What happened, Adam?” he asked curiously. “Is Tommy okay?” he asked, clearly worried.

Adam smiled at how sweet Taylor was. “It’s okay, he’s just mad at me,” he said softly.

Neil looked up. “What did you do this time?” he asked, and Adam cringed.

“Nothing, Neil. Don’t worry about it,” he said.

Neil hummed. “He was pretty pissed at you when we left that club. Not sure what for, but he drank himself silly and bitched about you being a dick while I was dragging his skinny ass back to the bus,” he said.

Adam frowned. “What the hell? As far as I know I haven’t done anything!” he said, groaning. “It’s just fucking on and off with him lately. He’ll be my Tommy for a few weeks then go off on me. And sure, a lot of the times it is my fault, but I don’t ever know until after he’s bitched at me! If he’d just tell me things rationally like an adult, it wouldn’t be so damn difficult,” he said, sighing.

Brooke shot him a disbelieving look. “Really?” she asked, rolling her eyes. “After that just now I really question your ability to keep secrets,” she said simply, then stood up to go after Tommy.

Adam just sighed, shaking his head. “Actually I’d say I keep them pretty damn well if she’s just now got it out of me,” he said softly.

Neil frowned. “What did you tell her?” he asked, and Adam shot a look at Taylor, who was watching them like a tennis match. “Alright, later,” he said pointedly.

After a while Neil snorted. “That asshole with the camera is like… seriously ten feet over there,” he said.

Adam glared. “And there’s another about thirty feet from him! Son of a bitch!” he snapped, standing up. They all jumped, watching as Adam strode purposefully towards the photographer.

“Shit!” Taylor gasped, jumping up to rush after him. “ADAM!” he cried, catching him just as he lunged for the camera. He grabbed him by the hips. “Adam, stop, Adam, seriously-“

“Get off me, man!”

“THEN STOP FUCKING STALKING ME!” Adam snapped, trying to grab the camera out of the guy’s hands.

Taylor tugged Adam back. “Adam, Adam, stop, listen,” he said, holding him by his waist. “Adam, come on, calm down,” he said, and Adam just glared as the guy grabbed his camera and ran. “Are you insane?!” Taylor hissed.

Adam just huffed and walked back to where the others were, rolling his eyes as Brooke and Tommy ran up. “Adam?! Are you okay?” Tommy asked, running up to him with worry in his eyes.

“What do you care?” Adam snapped, cringing when he saw Tommy shrink back. “I’m sorry, Tommy, just-“

Tommy just shook his head. “No, it’s okay.” He waved a hand. “Are you okay?” he asked.

Adam just sighed, sitting down. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he said, and Taylor rolled his eyes, sitting down on his other side.

Tommy sat down behind him, wrapping a towel around himself. “What happened, Adam?” he asked, and Adam sighed.

“There are like, three photographers taking pictures of us and he just happened to be the closest one,” he said, groaning.

Taylor sighed. “Shit, we’re going to jail,” he said, and Adam snorted. “WELL WE ARE! You just assaulted a dude and I was in it too!” he pulled his knees up. “I’m too little to go to jail!” he said, and Brooke rolled her eyes but pulled him into a hug.

Tommy chuckled. “Eh, jail isn’t so bad,” he said, and everybody shot him looks. “I heard!” he said, rolling his eyes. “I’ve never been arrested… really,” he said, and Adam rolled his eyes. “I was just dropped off at home in handcuffs and my dad beat my ass! I didn’t go to jail, that was Dave,” he said.

Taylor rolled his eyes. “Fine, when I go to jail and get raped by a biker, you’ll have more sympathy!” he hissed.

Adam rolled his eyes. “You aren’t going to jail. Besides, if that guy says I hit him there are two other photographers with photos to prove I just grabbed his camera,” he said, and Brooke sighed.

“We should probably go back to the hotel just in case,” she said, and Adam nodded, standing up. “And we need to talk,” she said pointedly, earning a whine from a bright red Tommy, who shoved past them with a towel wrapped around his shoulders as he all but ran for the hotel.
Tommy knocked on the door to Adam’s room, which was opened only a bit as he pushed his way in. “Adam, are you okay?” he asked, hands going to his waist. “I’ve already been getting tweets-“ He stopped and flushed bright red as he saw Brooke sitting on the bed behind them. “And there goes my worry for you,” he said, then glared, moving his hands to his own hips. “You SAID IT OUT LOUD!,” he accused, glaring.

Adam smiled. “You’re so cute when you’re angry,” he teased, then sighed. “Yes, I’m okay, and yes I know, you hate my guts, blah, blah, blah,” he said, waving a hand as he flopped down on the bed. “I didn’t think anybody would hear,” he said simply.

Brooke snorted. “You’re lucky only I heard,” she said. She shot Tommy a look. “You actually were desperate enough to sleep with that?!” she asked playfully, waving a hand at Adam, who flipped her off.

Tommy blushed but smiled. “Eh, I think I drank the water,” he said, earning rolled eyes. “You’re not gonna tell?” he asked sheepishly.

She chuckled. “I’d sure as hell have never went this long thinking you guys aren’t dating if I’d known you’d had sex before,” she said.

Tommy sighed. “Just don’t tell. Way too many people know already.”

Adam let out a sound. “Hell yeah too many people know! We left Mexico with ONE other person knowing and now Brooke makes… four!” he said, and Tommy cringed.

“That’s so too many,” he said.

Brooke hummed. “Who else knows?” she asked curiously.

“Well Sutan walked in the morning after-“ Adam started and Tommy groaned, throwing himself down on the bed beside Brooke. “Then Tommy’s friend Mia joked about us having sex and he panicked before he could lie and she realized something was up,” he said. “Then dumb shit here told my brother-“

“He wouldn’t believe me when I told him we hadn’t fucking eloped!” he defended. “Neil honestly thought we were like… desperately in love newlyweds, Adam. I had to tell him the truth or he’d have never believed me!” he said.

Adam sighed. “We were all over each other back then,” he said softly, and Brooke snorted.

“And you aren’t now?!” she asked.

Tommy and Adam looked at each other, and Tommy sighed. “We haven’t really been close at all most of the tour,” he said softly, and Adam nodded.

“There’s just so much stress,” Adam said, and Tommy nodded. “And we have to watch ourselves more closely now, too,” he said.

Tommy sighed. “We fight way too much, too. I remember we never even slightly argued for a long time. Things were never awkward.”

Adam sighed. “Well, we were pretty dependant on each other. Now we’ve got tons of friends with us all the time,” he allowed, shrugging.

Tommy smiled at him. “You spent a month traveling with just you and Monte and Longineu and every night you called me and curled up with your Tommy-Bear and we’d talk until you fell asleep,” he said fondly.

Brooke smiled. “Aww. Honeymoon phase ended?” she asked, and they both glared. She laughed but smiled. “Hey, I’m just joking, but in a way it fits, doesn’t it? You guys met each other and had the best friend you’d ever met. You wanted to spend all your time together and everything was better when you were together, but now that you’ve been touring for a few months, you get strained and you fight and other people come into the edges, threatening to shove one of you out of the ‘best friend’ spot,” she said.

Tommy sighed. “Something like that,” he said softly.

Adam smiled sadly. “I don’t like us being pulled apart,” he said, then sat up, leaning over to grab Tommy’s hand. “Come here,” he said, and Tommy smiled, crawling up to lay down beside Adam, who curled around him, holding him. “Even this close you feel distant,” he said, and Brooke watched them laying face to face, hands laced together between them.

Tommy just nodded, leaning in to peck his lips. “No matter what, you are my best friend, Babyboy. I promise I love you just as much as I ever did. We get into more clashes, but nothing changes us, okay?”

Adam nodded. “Brooke, wanna join our cuddle pile or are you going off?” he asked, and she rolled her eyes.

“God forbid I be the ‘other woman’ in your best friend-y bromance,” she said, kissing both of their foreheads before she got up and left. “Idiots,” she muttered, shaking her head as she walked out the door, leaving Adam and Tommy to talk.
Tommy was talking to fans when he glanced over and saw Leila. He beamed and took off running, only to blush and stop when people started laughing at him. He walked calmly across the parking lot, then squeaked and rushed over when she held open her arms. “Leila!” he squeaked, hugging her close.

“Aww, hey TommyJoe,” she said, smiling at him. “Come on, I’m going to meet the boys inside,” she said, and he nodded, walking alongside her as they headed into the venue. “How’ve you been?” she asked and he shrugged, sighing.

“Good,” he said, cringing. “Did you see the thing about the cameras-“

“And Adam going ballistic?” she asked, and then nodded. “I was shocked! Neil would be the one to blow up, not Adam,” she said.

Tommy chuckled. “Well Adam and I had just had a bit of an argument so he was stressed,” he said, and she hummed. “Besides, Neil would have done it if he hadn’t,” he said, smiling. “Don’t tell him anybody knows, but Neil actually really loves his brother,” he said, snickering. “He’d kill somebody over Adam, he gets pretty protective. He just never shows it because he wants everybody to think he hates us all,” he said. “I know he loves me, he just denies it,” he said with a sigh.

Leila rolled her eyes. “TommyJoe, nobody could hate you. You could look a serial killer in the face and he’d have to give you a hug!” she teased.

Tommy sighed. “I’ve missed you,” he said, cuddling into her side as he laced their fingers together. When they walked into the dressing room, Isaac looked up.

“Woo! Who’s the fox, Tommy?” he called, and Tommy giggled, kissing Leila on the cheek.

Leila chuckled. “That’s very sweet of you,” she said, rolling her eyes as her cheeks showed a little pink.

Tommy smirked at Isaac, who was giving him a completely different kind of smirk. “Adam? Leila’s here,” he called, and Adam ran out of the bathroom.

“Mom!” he cried, rushing over. Tommy snickered at Isaac, whose jaw dropped as Adam hugged his mom. “NEIL! MOMS HERE!” he shouted, and Tommy heard footsteps down coming from the hallway.

Taylor whistled. “Wooo, nice dress Adam’s mommy!” he said, saluting her as he passed.

“I’ve told you a billion times, Taylor, call me Leila,” she said.

Tommy smirked at Isaac. “Somebody wants to call Leila something else,” he teased. “What did you call her?” he asked pointedly.

Adam raised an eyebrow. “What?” he asked.

Isaac squeaked. “Really, very, truly sorry ma’am,” he said, walking over with his hand held out. He kissed her hand when she offered it to him. “Really.”

Leila rolled her eyes. “Aww, you’re such a sweet boy,” she said, winking at him as he turned and all but ran, blushing.

Tommy giggled. “Dude, dude, I walked in with Leila and Isaac went ‘yo, who’s the fox, Tommy’ and shit,” he said, pressing his face into Leila’s shoulder as he laughed hysterically.

Neil mimed gagging. “Ew, you’re our mom,” he said, shuddering.

Adam rolled his eyes. “So, why didn’t you tell me you were coming?!” he asked.

She smiled. “Oh I just wanted to surprise you guys. I had to come see my baby,” she said, and Adam smiled.

“Aww, that’s so sweet mama-“

Neil shoved him. “Bullshit, I’m her baby, you’re just an old queen-“

“Actually I meant Tommy,” she said, grinning at them as she hugged Tommy.


“He’s not even your kid!”

“Better than you, you little moody bitch!”

“Better than a big hoebag-“


Tommy laughed. “Guys, this is why she loves me more,” he said, winking at Leila as he laid his head on her shoulder. “I’m a sweet baby and you two are mean shits,” he said.

Taylor sat up. “HA! You totally told my mom about that boy I went out with in Toronto AND the girl you walked in on me making out with in Denver!” he accused with a pointed look.

Tommy frowned. “Wait, which was your mom?” he asked, and Sasha snorted.

“The brunette you were making out with after the show in San Diego,” she said with a smirk.

Taylor suddenly turned to Tommy with a death glare. “What?!?” he hissed.

Tommy looked pensive. “The one with the curls, Sasha?” he asked, and she nodded. He grinned. “Wait, the one with the Van Halen tattoo on the back of her thigh?” he asked, then froze, turning slowly to Taylor, who was bright red with rage.

“My mom was wearing jeans the night she came to the show,” he said, and Tommy bit his lip.

“Yes… yes she was. I’m thinking of someone else-“

“YOU SLEPT WITH MY MOTHER?!?” Taylor cried, then grabbed a hair straightener as Tommy screamed and went running.

“ITS JUST A JOKE!” He cried fearfully, running around the room, ducking as Taylor threw stuff at him. “It’s just a joke, I didn’t even touch her-“

“DIE!” Taylor cried, diving on him.

“I DIDN’T SLEEP WITH YOUR MOM!” Tommy squealed, grabbing Taylor’s wrists to stop him from hitting him. “It’s a joke, it’s a joke- ADAM TELL HIM!” Tommy cried.

Adam smirked. “Why? So you can steal my mom? No way,” he said, sliding an arm around his mom’s shoulders as he, Leila, and Neil walked out, leaving Sasha to rescue Tommy.
Leila smiled as she, Adam, Neil, and Tommy sat down at the table of the restaurant they went to for dinner. “I’ve missed you boys,” she said, smiling.

Tommy smiled. “I’ve missed you much more than these two,” he said and they both glared. “Neil spends all his time being mean to me and Adam spends all his time convincing people he’s a whore,” he said, earning a thump to the ear from Adam, who just smiled innocently when Tommy squeaked and glared.

“Oh Adam doesn’t have to convince people what’s true,” she said, and Adam gaped.

Mom!” he whined. “I’m not a whore,” he defended.

She snorted. “You’re a beautiful, twenty-eight year old celebrity, Adam. Of course you are,” she said pointedly. “I’d probably be more worried if you weren’t,” she said and Tommy laughed in amusement.

“Our ideas of ‘whore’ must be very different,” he snipped.

Neil snorted. “We’ve been on tour less than four months and you’ve easily disappeared with ten guys, Adam,” he said pointedly. “Come on.”

Tommy flinched. “I think the only time you didn’t get any was the three or four weeks after we had that fight when you spent all your time with me,” he said.

Adam huffed. “Well yeah, but it’s not like I’m getting into orgies every night!” he defended. “And ten is probably a little much, Neil. I haven’t had ten nights alone all tour!” He thought. “Hell we’ve only got about six or seven nights to go out! Trust me, if I was getting laid half as often as people suspect, I’d be doing well for myself,” he said, cringing when his mother snorted at his statement.

Tommy hummed. “What about the groupies,” he said in a small voice, which made Neil groan.

“Please don’t fight again,” he said, and Adam huffed, glaring at Tommy out of the corner of his eyes.

“I thought we already fought over this-“

“I know, I’m sorry,” he said quickly, shaking his head. “Sorry, baby, sorry,” he said, reaching over to grab Adam’s hand with an apologetic smile.

Adam sighed. “Stress, like Brooke said.” Tommy nodded, squeezing his fingers before moving their hands to lace together on his knee under the tables.

Leila hummed. “You know, Tommy told me you guys had been fighting, and I can see it, that’s for sure,” she said.

Adam sighed. “It’ll be okay,” he said, holding Tommy’s hand tightly. “We’ll get through this leg of the tour and when we’re overseas again we’ll all be so stressed but excited that we’ll bond the way we were again,” he said.

Tommy nodded confidently. “You told me you had to show me the world, remember,” he said, and Adam smiled. “In London, you went on and on about how there were all these places and all these things you wanted me to experience,” he said.

Adam chuckled, smiling at him with a warmth in his eyes Tommy had noticed missing the past few days. “I best keep up my end of the bargain then,” he said, earning a smile from Tommy that didn’t go unnoticed by Neil or Leila, both of which rolled their eyes.
Tommy frowned as he rifled through all of his stuff, checked over every pocket and then ran up to Adam, checking through all his pockets despite his undignified squawks. “Tommy!” he cried, wiggling free. “What the hell?”

Tommy gaped. “I’ve lost my passport,” he said, and Adam froze.

“You what?” he cried, quickly grabbing Tommy to riffle through all his pockets, despite his refusal to cooperate. “Tommy!” he cried desperately, patting him down once again.

What the hell are you doing?!?” Lane cried, rushing over. “Stop groping him in public-“

“He can’t find his passport!” Adam said quickly.

Lane just paled. “Shit.” She turned and took off through the terminal, leaving them there as everybody else walked over to them.

“What’s up?” Isaac asked, asked, looking concerned.

“I lost my passport,” Tommy said, eyes wide. “Our plane leaves in two hours, Adam, what if I don’t find it?!” he asked.

Monte cringed. “You’d be left here, dude,” he said, and Adam glared.

“Don’t even say that, nobody’s being left,” he said, putting a protective arm around Tommy’s shoulders. “Lane went somewhere, maybe- maybe you left it on the plane,” he said, and Tommy nodded. “They’ll find it,” he said reassuringly. “I’m positive.”
Lane came back forty-five minutes later with an official. “No luck, Tommy,” she said, and he stood up fearfully.

“So… what does this mean?” he asked softly.

The official walked over. “I will take you to the American Embassy office here in the airport,” he explained in thickly accented, broken English. “You apply for temporary travel papers,” he said.

“Will I be able to go to the next show?” Tommy asked curiously. “I mean, temporary how? Will I have to redo this again when we get to Singapore?” he asked.

“You get papers to Singapore and then contact Embassy there for next step as soon as you land,” the man explained.

Adam frowned. “Our flight leaves in just over an hour,” he said, and Lane shook her head.

“Tommy’s going to have to stay here over night,” she said, and Tommy groaned.

“Fuck,” he said. “Man, I don’t want to hold us up,” he said, and Lane cringed.

“You won’t. We’re going on,” she said.

Adam’s eyes snapped up. “The hell we are! We’re not leaving him here! I mean, someone has to stay-“

“On the off chance he doesn’t make it in time for the show, we can’t afford to leave anybody with him!” she said. “We need all of you guys!”

Adam looked around for something, and then looked at Neil. “Neil can stay with him,” he said, and Lane shook her head.

“We don’t have a visa to stay over. Tommy has to because as of right now he’s an illegal immigrant, but the rest of us have to go,” she said, and Adam tensed.

“But…” he cast around for anything to grasp on. “I’ll stay, without me there is no show, so it won’t matter,” he said defiantly.

Tommy smiled. “Adam,” he said, and Adam looked down, squeezing his hand. “Adam, that’s just stupid, okay? I’ll be fine,” he said softly.

Adam shook his head firmly. “I’m not leaving you here,” he said. “I’m not leaving you alone in a strange country, Tommy.” Adam bit his lip. “I don’t care what I have to do, I’m not fucking abandoning-“

Tommy just smiled, squeezing his fingers as he stood on tiptoe and kissed Adam’s cheek. “Adam, I’ll be fine.” He smiled at him resolutely. “I’ve been in much deeper shit than this and I didn’t have a big, brave singer there to protect me,” he teased, and Adam smiled sadly.

“I promised to show you the world, not abandon you in an airport somewhere in Asia,” Adam said softly.

Tommy chuckled. “You aren’t abandoning me, okay?” he said. “I promise, I’ll be there in a day or two-“

“I will worry the whole time,” Adam admitted as his brow furrowed. “I don’t care how tough you are, I know I’d be scared alone in an airport overnight with stranger people, most of which don’t speak English,” he said softly.

Tommy smiled. “Hey, it’s an adventure, that’s for sure,” he said, and Adam sighed, pulling him into a hug. Tommy fisted his hands in Adam’s shirt, pressing his face into Adam’s chest as Adam held him.

After what seemed like seconds, Lane’s voice interrupted. “We’ve got to go guys, and Tommy needs to go get his papers so he can join us tomorrow,” she said.

Adam pulled away and Tommy smiled as everybody stepped up for hugs. Taylor clung to him tightly. “Be safe, okay, Tommy?” he said, and Tommy nodded, kissing his cheek with a smack.

“I’ll be fine, Tay Tay,” he teased, and Taylor rolled his eyes.

Sasha smacked his ass, Brooke tugged his hair, Cam kissed his forehead, and Monte shoved him before hugging him, all saying the same thing, ‘be safe, see you soon’. Isaac, however, smiled as he hugged him. “I’ll miss you,” he said, and Tommy raised an eyebrow when Isaac pulled back. “I mean it,” he said, squeezing his upper arm.

Tommy smiled. “You too, dude,” he said, trailing his hand down Isaac’s arm to squeeze his fingers as he turned and walked away.

Neil made a face but fist bumped him. “Catch ya later man,” he said simply before walking after the rest.

“Adam, let’s go,” Lane said, and Tommy saw Adam staring at him worriedly.

“Adam, go ahead,” Tommy said, and Adam sighed, shaking his head. He grabbed Tommy and tugged him over to push him around behind a column. “Adam-“ Adam cut him off with a thorough kiss, earning a soft moan from Tommy.

When Adam pulled back, he shoved a handful of bills into Tommy’s back pocket, despite Tommy’s arguing. “Listen to me, stay at the Embassy office, don’t leave, and keep your phone on- do you have your charger?” he demanded, and Tommy nodded, smiling a small smile. “Fuck,” Adam hissed, pressing his forehead to Tommy’s. “I’m going to need Monte’s Xanax for this trip,” he said in a small, scared voice.

Tommy smiled up at him. “Adam,” he breathed, sliding his hands up to cup Adam’s cheeks. “I’ll be fine, okay?” he said. “I promise, I’ll be fine.”

Adam just nodded, biting his lip. “You’ll be fine, I know,” he said, then whimpered, darting down to kiss Tommy again, slower and more meaningfully than the first. “Please, Tommy, don’t do anything dumb and please keep me posted,” he whispered.

Tommy sighed. “Adam, I promise, I’ll be okay,” he said.

“Adam, we really have to go,” Lane’s voice called, and Adam glanced up, then back at Tommy.

Tommy smiled, standing on his toes to kiss him softly. “I love you, okay?” he said, and Adam let out a ragged breath.

“I love you so much, you fucker,” he said, tugging Tommy into a tight hug.

Tommy just flinched, knowing their ‘I love you’s didn’t mean the same, but smiled anyways. “Go before Lane has a conniption fit,” he said, and Adam nodded, kissing his cheek before walking away.

“Please call me, okay?” Adam called, looking back as Lane practically dragged him away.

Tommy just smiled, leaning against the outer side of the pole as he waved goodbye to all of his friends. He looked up and saw the Official was still standing, looking at the boards off a few yards. He walked over, snagged his bag off the floor by the bench where they had been sitting, and walked up to the man. “Alright, let’s go,” he said, and the man smiled and nodded, leading Tommy away.
Adam paced his room, worrying himself half crazy. He walked out onto the balcony and frowned when he heard screaming. He looked over and laughed when he saw Neil shouting one balcony over and one floor down. “WHAT THE FUUUCKKK?!?!” he heard Neil scream, even over the sound of the racecars.

Adam walked back into his room and cringed as he looked down at his phone again and saw no messages. “Fuck, come on, TommyJoe, just text me,” he said to himself. “Please, just tell me you’re okay,” he whispered, pressing the phone to his face.

Adam raised an eyebrow, looking at the doors and thought about the noise of the cars before he suddenly jumped on his bed and jumped around, screaming at the top of his lungs. He could feel his frustration and worry melting away with the release, only to stop mid-scream and jump as his revolution revealed Neil standing just inside the door staring. He stopped and dropped to the bed, smiling innocently.

“I hate this hotel,” Neil said, walking over.

Adam chuckled. “I saw you screaming on your balcony,” he said, and Neil raised an eyebrow. “I was out on mine. I could hear you even over the cars,” he said, grinning.

Neil came over and flopped down on Adam’s bed. “I can’t sleep! I’ve been awake so long, dude. Seriously.”

Adam sighed. “I can’t sleep either but it has nothing to do with the cars,” he admitted, groaning before he jumped up to pace.

Neil raised an eyebrow. “Still no word from Tommy?” he asked.

Adam shook his head, biting his lip. “He said he’d text me or call me- fuck, ANYTHING to be sure he’s okay,” he said, biting at his fingernails. “It’s been long enough, damn it! He has his phone, he had his charger, he has plenty of money if he can’t use his phone and needs to use one-“ he tugged at his hair. “I should’ve made someone stay. I don’t care if it was illegal, I should’ve made somebody stay with him,” he said, voice shaking.

“Adam, I know you fret all the damn time, but he’s a grown man, dude,” Neil said, sitting up to watch Adam pacing. “He’s older than you and got in lots worse shit than you as a kid. He’ll be fine,” he said.

“Then why hasn’t he let me know he’s okay?!” Adam asked, voice cracking under the strain. “Fuck, Neil, I don’t care how tough he is, he’s alone in a strange place with nobody he knows where he doesn’t speak the language, and he’s tiny and even if he’s tough he could get mugged and left to die-“

“Whoa, Adam, chill out!” Neil said. “So he hasn’t texted yet! That doesn’t mean he’s lying dead in an airport bathroom or something after someone stole his shit and slit his throat-“

“DO NOT put that image in my head,” Adam said, glaring.

“Adam, you don’t have to keep tabs on him, okay? I get he’s your best friend, and I get you worry about him, we all are worried, but you have to chill out and just let him get the chance to call you and let you know everything’s okay,” Neil rationalized.

Adam just sighed, falling to the bed. “I’m so worried, Neil,” he said.

“Yeah, I can tell,” Neil said pointedly, looking at him. “You’re more fidgety than the time you drank mom and dad’s scotch and replaced it with cheap stuff some hobo got for you,” he said, and Adam chuckled.

“I don’t know why I’m so upset,” he said softly. “I know he’s okay,” he said simply. “I just… if he wasn’t, I’m positive I’d know. No clue how but I would,” he explained.

Neil sighed. “Adam, dude, I try and stay out of the way but just tell it to me straight,” he said, looking over at him. “What the fuck is going on with you and Tommy?” he asked. “I’ve tried to shut up about it since the first time I asked, but it’s getting ridiculous,” he said. “You claim there’s nothing there but you guys both break down after a fight, he gets seriously jealous over you, and the last dude I saw you disappear with looked like a Tommy replacement,” he said pointedly.

Adam just sighed. “I don’t know,” he said honestly. “I’m trying my hardest to keep things the way they are but it’s almost impossible to not want to spend every minute of my day with him, Neil,” he said simply. “I can’t… that’s basically it. No big, massive, dramatic, romantic confessions, none of that bullshit I’ve shoved down people’s throats about ‘it’s how we are’ but really it is,” he explained. “Or more how I want us to be. I just… I honestly think I could spend the rest of every day of my entire life just hanging out with him. He’s the best friend I’ve ever had and I want that more than anything else in the whole world,” he said softly. “I don’t want things to change, I want them to stay exactly how they have been, but we are changing instead. We’ve had fights this tour, Neil. Fights. I know it’s more stressful of an environment, but I’m supposed to be showing him the world, not fighting with him every other week,” he said.

Neil sighed. “That’s the point, Adam. You don’t want things to change, but you can’t really keep things the exact same and expect it to stay that way.” He looked at Adam hard enough to make Adam uncomfortable. “I think he’s in love with you,” he said, and Adam cringed. “No, listen,” he said. “I think he’s in love with you, and I think you want to give in and love him too, but you’re afraid,” he said.

Adam frowned. “What?” he asked. “I’m not afraid of love, Neil, that’s sort of been one of my goals from as soon as I figured myself out-“

“Adam, I love you, you’re my brother, but right now you’re being stupid,” Neil said, sitting up. “Adam, I know I’m a cynical bastard and I’ll deny I ever said all this later,” Adam rolled his eyes. “But when you and Brad moved in together, I was so worried you would get your heart broken, and you did,” he said, and Adam rolled his eyes again. “No listen, I love you, dude. We may not get along, but you’re my brother,” he reiterated with more sincerity. He shook his head. “I’ve been more worried about Tommy breaking your heart from the day I met him than I ever was with Brad and you guys aren’t even together,” he said.

Adam rolled his eyes. “Tommy’s not going to break my heart because I’m not in love with him,” he said.

Neil sighed. “My point is exactly that! You’re afraid of having your heart broken again, okay? I know you are, Adam. If it had been any other boy in any other situation you’d have never cared whether or not you two fought or split up and hated each other,” he said. He gave him a look. “But you knew from the start that with Tommy you guys had something you had never felt before, and it made you too afraid to give him that power over you, but he made you too happy to push him away,” he said, looking at Adam.

Adam just stared, then turned his head and looked down. “God, I don’t know,” he sighed heavily.

Neil chuckled. “I’m not suggesting anything drastic, okay? That’s way too much your style and sooooo much more likely to backfire,” he said. “Just… really think about things. Pay attention to him. See if you think you do love him, and take things slowly so you don’t ruin the best friendship you ever had and possibly ever will have, okay?” He cringed. “And never, ever, ever make me intervene in your love life again,” he said pointedly. “Some shit just isn’t in my job description.”

Adam smiled, then laughed. “Alright, you’re exempt of ‘Adam’s Love Life’ duties for the rest of tour,” he said.

Neil snorted. “Fuck that, for the rest of my life!”

Adam just rolled his eyes but smiled fondly as Neil outlined exactly what all he wasn’t required to ever do again in relation to Adam’s love life.

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